CONSTITUTION DAY CELEBRATION – Preyoshi Bhattacharjee, 3rd Year


On this 26th day of November 2019 our Constitution completed 70 years of its existence. The Center for research in Constitutional law and Policy (CRCLP) organised the celebration of Constitution day on 28th November during the Thursday activity, which was attended by the first three years. The celebration commenced with the heartwarming performance of Aryaman from first year. The anchors for the celebration were Nishant Tiwari and Jyotika Aggarwal from third year, who hosted the event splendidly. The students as well as the teachers showed regard for the Constitution by reciting the ‘key to the Constitution’, the Preamble. Afterwards Mayank Sharma from the third year gave an informative speech about the Indian Constitution followed by a Hindi speech of Abhishek and Prashant from the First year. Thereafter the students from the first year filled the MPH with their melodious voices through their soulful singing. Then a documentary was shown to the students in which Menaka Guruswamy, a Supreme Court lawyer, BR Ambedkar scholar & lecturer at Colombia Law School, highlighted the excellent provisions which were meticulously drafted by our Constitution makers, which should be appreciated. At the end the Faculty Coordinator of Center in Constitutional Law and Policy, Miss Chanpreet Kaur, made an announcement that a booklet will soon be released by the CRCLP containing the notes of various topics of Constitutional law. She gave a vote of thanks to everyone who contributed in the making and compilation of the booklet and all the students who participated in the celebration to make it a success. 


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