• The Indian Constitution and International Law

    9th Jun 2020 by

    By Gaurav Redhal Law has been at the centre of all human activities since the inception of mankind. The organization of legal framework may have been varied as per the existing norms and precedents of that society but the underlying principle has always been to regulate the human conduct. Law being an inter-subjective study, it… Read more

  • Plight of Migrant Workers and the Constitutional Safeguards

    1st May 2020 by

    By Mayank Sharma The ongoing nationwide lockdown announced on 24th March to contain the spread of the Coronavirus has turned out to be a nightmare for the migrant workers. These workers who survive on meagre wages were rendered jobless overnight without any money and food to survive. What followed was the mass exodus of workers… Read more

  • Regulation of Government Advertisements in India

    18th Apr 2020 by

    By Gunsimran Sethi The Covid-19 pandemic has brought almost the entire world to a standstill. It has brought forth some unprecedented concerns – economic, social, and political for almost all the nations. Amidst this conundrum surrounding us, came the suggestion- of no government advertising for 2 years to cut down treasury expenses, by one of… Read more

  • How to Fight the Pandemic Legally

    14th Apr 2020 by

    By Gaurav Hooda, Alumnus AIL From the past few weeks, the situation in India & all across the globe has been tense. It is as close to war, the entire human race could have possibly been. Regardless of who’s to be blamed, which we all know by now, India for sure is on a war… Read more


    3rd Dec 2019 by

    By Preyoshi Bhattacharjee On this 26th day of November 2019 our Constitution completed 70 years of its existence. The Center for research in Constitutional law and Policy (CRCLP) organised the celebration of Constitution day on 28th November during the Thursday activity, which was attended by the first three years. The celebration commenced with the heartwarming… Read more

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