• Session 5 Contours of Citizenship

    3rd Oct 2019 by

    The fifth session of CRCLP was on the “Contours of Citizenship” wherein the centre endeavoured to apprise the students of the basic law governing Citizenship and was divided into four parts. The first speaker Deepika Sangwan elucidated upon the jurisprudential aspect of the law relating to citizenship with a special focus on the various concepts… Read more

  • Session 3: Preventive Detention- A Necessary Evil?

    31st Aug 2019 by

    By Preyoshi Bhattacharjee The third session of CRCLP commenced on 30th August, 2019 with the engrossing topic of Preventive detention. The session began with a video clip showing the harrowing experience of preventive detention of Muhammad Amir Khan, author of the book ‘Framed as a Terrorist’, who spent fourteen years of his life in Jail… Read more

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